It´s OK not to drink

“The campaign does not force anyone to abstain, but says that drinking alcohol should be an exceptional, not a normal part of life. “The problem is that in the Czech Republic, for many people, this normal part of life is like a normal, everyday activity,” minister of Health Adam Vojtěch said.

Among the adults in the Czech Republic, 900,000 people drink at risk, 600,000 drink every day. Vojtěch said that the costs associated with the consequences of drinking alcohol exceed 59 billion crowns a year. The sum includes both the financing of treatment for addiction and illnesses, as well as crime, road accidents and reduced labor productivity.

TV spots directed by Rozálie Kohoutová and Sofia Šustková target pregnant women, adults and parents of minors. The average age for children to taste alcohol for the first time in the Czech Republic is 12 years, often in the family.”

Find more from (Czech Republic, October 2019)

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