Together without

“As many as 60% of Norwegian students think that too much alcohol is consumed in the student environment. We also know that 3 out of 10 male and 4 out of 10 female students have a risky drinking pattern.

As with most other products you consume, your consumption of alcohol is influenced by the people around you. The more you surround yourself with drinks, the more you drink. Probably it is quite problematic for you, but in the same room, at the same party, on the same weekend trip there may well be someone who already has a dangerous drinking pattern and he or she will also be able to get an increased alcohol intake due to the surroundings.

This fall, DNT – Edru Livsstil and the project Lykkepromille are running a campaign at several of the country’s universities and colleges, which we hope will make it easier to participate alcohol-free in the student communities. Be it for an evening, a weekend, or the whole study time. Funds have been allocated to the campaign “Together Without” through the Directorate of Health.”

Find more from DNT – Edru Livsstil (Norway, September 2019)

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