ONE ISLAND, ONE NATION: Guam’s Alcohol-Free Movement

“Controlling alcohol abuse and its consequences on Guam presents both a public health and a cultural challenge. Data from the State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup (SEOW) reveals that both heavy drinking and binge drinking are significantly higher among adults on Guam as compared to the US. Almost 1 in 5 adults, and 1 in 7 youth are binge drinkers. Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes remain the most visible social consequence of alcohol abuse. Implementation of evidence-based environmental strategies to address alcohol use and abuse among youth and adults, using multiple strategies that include mass social and media marketing campaigns are needed.

The One Nation Campaign was launched in 2010 through various partners such as Youth for Youth LIVE! Guam, Department of Youth Affairs, Department of Public Health and Social Services, and Foremost Foods Inc.

Since its inception, One Nation Guam through its partners had surpassed various milestones — successes that moves Guam forward to a healthier, alcohol-free community. Featured in this video are those successes.”

Find more from One Nation (Guam, 2013)

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