“We all know that alcohol is harmful. But that applies even more to young people. They contract alcohol poisoning faster, while their brains are still developing. The research by the Alcohol and Brain Committee of the Health Council, therefore shows actual indications that brains develop abnormally in young people who drink. And not only that. Young people who drink have been shown by scientific research to run a greater risk of alcohol problems later in life. So the later someone starts, the better. Therefore, NIX18.”

“The cliché that ‘prohibiting something makes it extra attractive’ is actually not true at all. Because, for example, when it comes to ‘not having dirty feet inside’ or ‘not stomping on the stairs’, then forbidding suddenly works well. So it’s time to refute this misconception forever. It is important, however, that the method of prohibition is consistent and genuine and that you as a parent continue to enforce such a prohibition without exceptions.”

Find more from NIX18 (Netherlands, 2019)

The NIX18 campaign is an initiative of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. The aim of the campaign is to strengthen the social norm ‘don’t drink and smoke until you are 18’. The campaign focuses on the entire society, in particular the environment of young people. Everyone should think it is normal if young people do not smoke or drink before they are 18 years old.

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