Zero Heroes

“The new alcohol campaign ‘Zero Heroes #FFSERIEUS?!’ during the Westland festive weeks has started. With the campaign, the municipality is calling attention to the use of alcohol through posters and online videos. Along bicycle routes there are posters with local top athletes, musicians and an experience expert. In films they then explain how they deal with alcohol in their lives.

Parents and young people are often unaware of the dangers of alcohol consumption. Young people do not recognize themselves in it, thinking ‘that does not happen to me’. Last year we asked young people and parents during the festive weeks to help us look for solutions to make their severity clearer. A pub crawl for parents, a mini disco loft (the smallest party in Westland) and a boat trip for young people have provided valuable tips and ideas! One of those ideas led to the making of the films.”

Find more from (Netherlands, July 2019)

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