Imagine if more parents helped to set common boundaries around alcohol

“Sometimes it can be difficult to know how to act with your teenager. Especially when one is exposed to “nagging” and pressure as a parent. Why should you, as a parent, for example, not buy a few drinks for your daughter’s first girl’s dinner? And is it really wrong to give his eighteen-year-old son a bottle of beer when he becomes a student? As a parent, it is important that you take responsibility, are clear with your expectations and stand up for what you think is important. And say no sometimes.”

Research shows that teenagers who are offered or provided with alcohol by their parents drink more than other young people even outside the home. Research also shows that parents’ rules and norms around alcohol have an effect on children’s behavior.

Find more from www.tä (Sweden, 2019)

In the films below you can get tips on how you as a parent can get a good conversation with your teenager and why you should not buy alcohol for your child.

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