Be your baby’s hero – keep alcohol at ZERO!

Blackpool Better Start‘s new public health campaign ‘Be Your Baby’s Hero, Keep Alcohol to Zero’, is raising awareness of the dangers of drinking during pregnancy!

Our four superheroes represent the different people in an unborn baby’s life that have a collective responsibility for the health of that child. They will appear throughout the town on billboards, poster sites, phone kiosks and buses, as well as on social media!

Commenting on what it is like to front the campaign, Supermum, Rachel Rossie, – whose third child is due later this month – said: “When I saw that Better Start were looking for people to star in this campaign I wasn’t sure whether I should apply, but when I realised what the campaign was about I wanted to do it because it’s an important message. It’s something different for the baby book too!”

Find more from Blackpool Better Start (UK, November 2018)

“There is no doubt about it, being pregnant is an amazing experience and an exciting time, especially for the Mum-To-Be. Everyone always has loads of advice, but one of the most important things to remember as a Supermum is that no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy!”
“Becoming a father is an exciting time and cause for celebration – but it’s important to remember that any amount of alcohol during pregnancy carries risks for baby, so remember to support your pregnant partner in keeping alcohol consumption at zero!”
Blackpool’s heroes were out in force to celebrate the launch of the Hero campaign, spreading the important message that no amount of alcohol is safe during pregnancy!

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