For some children, supporters can mean everything

“Children and young people who engage in sports should experience a safe environment and good role models.”

“Thousands of volunteers spend countless hours in childhood sports. Some are coaches and team leaders, others mix juice and roast waffles each weekend, while others faithfully evening after night function as drivers for our little sports stars,” says Randi Hagen Eriksrud from Av-og-til.

In this year’s sports campaign, Av-og-til will show the supporters of the sport how important they are, while also enabling them to do an even better job for the kids. “A safe and good sports environment is important for all children, and extra important for those children who come from home where mom or dad drinks too much,” says Eriksrud.

Data from the Norwegian Institute of Public Health show that 90,000 children grow up in homes where at least one of the parents struggles with alcohol. That means there are many children who come to training and struggle with bad secrets from home.”

Find more from Av-og-til (Norway, April 2019) and from their special new page.

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