“The Public Prosecutor’s Office, through the Center for the Operational Support of Children, Youth, Education, Family and Succession and the Office of the Prosecutor for Children and Youth, launched a special edition of the Permanent Forum to Combat Alcohol Use for Children and Adolescents the “Caution: Alcohol Transforms” campaign.

In his opening statement, Deputy Attorney General for Institutional Affairs, Marcelo Lemos Dornelles, stressed that the Public Prosecution Office is honored to receive the presence of representatives of the most varied and representative institutions at the launch of the campaign. “We know from day to day that in many of the issues where we work in the Public Prosecutor’s Office, alcohol intake is present. In crimes against women, in homicides, traffic crimes, abuses of various forms, there is, in most situations, the presence of this element, which, as the film shows, is transformative. Alcohol is one of the issues where it is only possible to work in confrontation, with integration, cooperation, various visions, in the areas of health, education and law.”

Find more from Ministério Público do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil, February 2019)

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