Power to say NO!

“In order to reduce the prevalence of addiction to tobacco products and alcohol, the Ministry of Health is launching an informative campaign “Power to say NO!”, Motivating people to abandon addictive substances.

Approximately 40% of the total burden of disease in Latvia is associated with different behavioral risks. The main one is smoking, the second is alcohol use, according to a study of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control “Prevalence and Effects of Smoking in Latvia” (2018). Similarly, Latvia has one of the highest rates of smoking, and alcohol consumption continues to rise over the past 15 years. These data show that the Latvian population does not have a complete understanding of the consequences of using addictive substances, as well as a lack of knowledge and skills to deal with addictions.

The public awareness campaign “Power to say NO!”, Launched by the Ministry of Health, was launched on 13 March this year (2019). The campaign aims to reduce the popularity and use of tobacco products and alcohol among young people and society as a whole. The campaign will last 8 months and will consist of 4 stages. Stage 1 is aimed at young people on reducing the prevalence of smoking. Stage 2 focuses on the development of negative attitudes towards the use of alcoholic beverages. Stage 3 will be targeted at adults in reducing smoking prevalence and smoking cessation, and Stage 4 – Prolonged use of alcoholic beverages by adults.”

Find more from ESparveselibu.lv (Latvia, March 2019)

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