Stay Dry Till July

My Yard is thrilled to announce a new project from January 2019. Increasing numbers of people recognise the need to drink less and opt for Dry January, but end up counting the days till they can start again. But why give up alcohol just for a month?, With so many other options available and a growing number of adults frustrated with themselves for having too much too often, or bowing down to social pressure we are welcoming BBC Radio 2 presenter, author and holistic living expert Janey Lee Grace as our ambassador. Janey, who quit drinking for Dry January and never went back…will be hosting a series of Live Streamed discussions and tips to stay in good health and spirits (The alcohol-free kind!) whilst letting go of unwanted habits.”

Find more from My Yard (UK, 2019)

“Janeys new podcast is launched! Janey Lee Grace Alcohol Free Life brings you great guests, sober heros experts and quit lit authors, inspiration, motivation and self care tips – perfect for you if you’re cutting down or quitting the booze or just ‘sobercurious’ So far Janey has interviewed inspiring guuest such as Clare Pooley , Dr David Hamilton, Shahroo Izadi, Ailsa Frank and Catherine Gray, many more people with incredible stories to tell are lined up.” Find more from Imperfectly Natural

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