28-Days Sober Challenge

“In less than 6 years, the 28-Days Sober Challenge has become an important movement and has been propelled to the heart of our collective consciousness to raise funds for the prevention of drug and alcohol use among young people.”

“Since 2008, the Fondation has focused its efforts on alcohol and drug prevention among teens in order to properly equip these future generations. In 5 years, over 270,000 high school students participated in the prevention workshops for free!

According to the Quebec Institute of Statistics, we’ve seen a 16.5% decrease in teens with alcohol problems in Quebec in the last 10 years. Thus, we can conclude that prevention works. It is the main reason why we are redoubling our efforts. The funds raised will enable the Fondation Jean Lapointe to prevent drug and alcohol addictions among more than 90,000 teens in 2018 thanks to the APT program deployed free of charge in schools across Quebec.”

Find more from 28-Days Sober Challenge (Canada, February 2019)

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