Voll ist out

“Voll ist out” is the alcohol prevention campaign by the ministry for children, adolescents and families of the city of Münster. The campaign is committed to the responsible use of alcohol. 
With “Voll ist out” we turn to young people, as well as parents, schools, representatives of youth work, trade, associations, citizens. Because young adults can act responsibly – especially if they have a network that supports and strengthens. 
In addition, we offer young people and their caregivers the possibility of information and individual advice – also anonymously.”

Find more from HERE (Germany, 2017)

“At the weekend, a big party is coming up again, and you want to have a good time with your friends. Of course, for most of them, alcohol will be part of it. Maybe you do not feel like drinking at all, and are already thinking of good arguments for those who would probably like to persuade you?

You are not alone. Many who refuse alcohol feel they have to justify themselves, and they hear slogans like, “Come on, do not mess up, one, two beers are not a problem,” or “It’s boring when you’re at a party with nothing to drink… “etc.

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