How do you look at your alcohol habits?

“How do you look at your own alcohol habits? How often do you drink and how much alcohol do you get in an evening or a month? How does drinking affect you and those around you?

In 2019 you get to know Mats, Liss, Marina and Espen. We have challenged them to invite us home. We would like to hear their self-perceived everyday stories and their own reflections on their own and others’ relationships with alcohol. And they are generous and share.”

Campaign by Av•og•til (Norway, January 2019)

“We have succeeded in our work when we have made people talk about alcohol, when the everyday talk around the dinner table is about alcohol habits, and when it is just as natural to say no thanks as yes thanks to a lager when the friends meet,” says Randi Hagen Eriksrud from Av-og-til.”

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