The Hidden Cost Of Substance Abuse In Workplaces

“Substance abuse costs government and businesses huge amounts of money yearly. According to statistics, alcohol and drug abuse costs the USA $249 and $271.5 billion respectively, every year. Businesses lose $81 billion annually to drug abuse which is approximately 10% of annual payroll.

According to studies done by and represented by this infographic:

– Substance abuse is known to cause 40% of industrial accidents and 60% of all poor job performances.

– 83% of employees who have been hungover at work admit that it makes a difference in the way they work; 33% of employees admit to having been to work with a hangover and 22% admit to having made mistakes at the workplace as a result of being hungover.”

Read more from Addiction Helper (UK, 2018). 

An infographic from the team at Addiction Helper

UK The Hidden cost of substance abuseUK The Hidden cost of substance abuse

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