Pay 3p more for a beer, save lives

“You’ve probably heard of ‘six degrees of separation’: the idea that if you take everyone you know, and everyone they know and so on, after just six levels you have a connection to anyone in the world. But how many levels would it be before reaching someone with an alcohol problem? One, maybe two?

Alcohol problems don’t exist ‘over there’; they are all around us, affecting people we know, love, care for, and admire. They can arise for a whole range of complex reasons, most of which we probably don’t fully understand. People with alcohol problems need support.

As it stands, around 600,000 people in England alone need specialist alcohol treatment, but less than 20% of them are currently getting it. Without support, it’s not only those individuals who suffer: there are 200,000 children living with a dependent parent or carer. Partners, parents, siblings and friends need support too.”

Read further from Alcohol Concern (UK, September 2018)

Download the briefing paper.



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