Alcohol is a sexist pig

The campaign of the self-government of the Wielkopolska Region (Poland) is underway. “Alcohol treats women worse”. It is a multi-stage project. In the teaser part, Jacek Braciak performed. In the next phase, Anna Dereszowska appeared. Now the time has come for the next stage. Participating in it: Olympic medalist Sylwia Gruchała and actress Olga Kalicka.

The educational part of the campaign “Alcohol treats women worse” started at the beginning of September 2018. Will be conducted on television, radio and the Internet. The woman will take over the voice.

Together with Anna Dereszowska appeared in new spots, explaining why alcohol treats women worse. The films concern the basic biological aspects related to the abuse of alcohol by women. They also deal with hazardous and harmful drinking.

Anna Dereszowska argues that you do not have to be good at science to drink alcohol safely – just know your own chemistry. Sylwia Gruchała warns that alcohol will always try to break us. Olga Kalicka explains that although alcohol can and is extremely democratic, it is also extremely unfair.

Campaign presents 10 evidence of that unfairness.

No 1: “The concentration of alcohol in the blood depends on the amount of alcohol consumed and body weight. A woman weighing the same as a man, after drinking an identical portion of alcohol absorbs him as much as 40% more. Women also have more body fat and less fluid in the body, which is why alcohol has less “space” to dissolve.”

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