Parents and Family

“Do you sometimes feel that your son is spending too much time on their smartphone or tablet? Wondering if your daughter smokes secretly? Did your child ever drink alcohol and you are unsure: is it too early? What is it? For you as a parent, it is certainly a challenge to find your “family recipe” for dealing with media, alcohol, cigarettes and maybe other drugs as well.

We’ll gladly assist you! On this page you will find first tips and recommendations and our offers for parents.

As a parent, you are a role model for your child . However, being a role model does not mean that you have no weaknesses, that you never make mistakes and that you have an answer for everything – being able to deal constructively and stand up for it strengthens your child for the future! Search together for solutions, get help in difficult situations from the outside. The role model function includes everyday things, such. What adults do to recover. And the way you use your smartphone, cigarettes, or alcohol affects your kids’ attitudes and behavior.”
By The Department for Addiction Prevention in the State of Berlin

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