One Too Many

“In an effort to draw close attention to the the overseen issue of students dying from alcohol poisoning, my friend Aaron and I set out to discover what people think needs to be done. Rather than resemble the Underaged Drinking PSA’s that students watch and listen to in class, we wanted to show the audience what it would be like if they were in an over drinking/bystander situation themselves. We feel this could not only draw more attention to the issue as a whole but also educate young adolescents on the proper mindset to have when it comes to drinking; especially underaged.”

Written, Edited, Produced, Directed by . . . Aaron Krol & Jay Shaffer
Special thanks to Megan Pfistner, Missy Shaffer, Theodore Krol, and Tim Schaefer for their time and their amazing interviews.

AK Productions | Forever Forward Productions

"One Too Many" – Public Awareness Documentary from Jay Shaffer on Vimeo.

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