Talking to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

“You want to protect your children from the dangers of drugs and alcohol, but when do you begin … and how? Follow these tips to begin sharing a substance use prevention message at any age!”

Talking to Kids About Drugs & Alcohol from Pine Rest on Vimeo.


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4 thoughts on “Talking to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

  1. This video is terrible. Yes, it’s great that the parents in this video are engaged and communicating with their kids, but this video does not adequately convey the peer pressure or the lack of support that kids who refrain from drinking/doing drugs endure.

    Parents can’t fix everything. Show me a supportive school setting with responsible adults dedicated to making sure the good kids don’t get hurt or ridiculed by the kids who drink/do drugs.


    1. No doubt, peer pressure is a huge problem and that video perhaps doesn´t cover every important aspect. But you probably agree that these mentioned recommendations are all important as well?!
      It´s a complex problem but a strong and stable home can´t be replaced by anything.

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      1. As a matter of fact, I firmly disagree. Thirteen years ago this month, I was illegally fired from a university newspaper for standing up against underage drinking–for peacefully confronting my 19-year-old boss and suggesting that she ought to care enough about journalistic ethics to be sober. I confronted her, in part on the advice of my parent. At this moment, I am STILL being punished by my university–13 years later. I have never had a hearing. I have never been afforded the rights other students in disciplinary cases receive. I was fired, kicked out of school, run out of two different churches and I lost the young man I wanted to marry. I have spent $120,000 on degrees in order to be eligible to fight the student conduct case. I have survived all of this punishment with the support of a few dear professors. Family can’t fix everything.


      2. Sorry to hear all that. We definitely don´t want to question your personal experience. Campaigns usually address the whole society and that can mean that individual cases are lost between the lines. We wish you all the best.


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