We Care Week

“This February 12th-16th is Wilkin County We Care week!
The We Care campaign is a mass media campaign with three very specific goals:
1. Create a large, united force of community members and businesses that CARE about youth and want to empower them to be substance free!
2. Bring awareness to the dangers of underage drinking and the serious repercussions that come with individuals over 21 providing alcohol to minors.
3. Let our youth know that we CARE about them and the choices they make. Youth who think adults in the community care about them are 3x less likely to report any alcohol use in the last 30 days.

A mass media campaign uses various types of media to get a particular message out. Mass media campaigns work best if the market is saturated with a particular message during a short period of time. The We Care logo is a red heart and the campaign color is red. During this week in February, we want the color red and our red heart logo to appear everywhere in our community. Everywhere you look we want people to see our message: “WE CARE about Youth.””
Find more from We Care Facebook page
And from We Care Coalition (USA, Wilkin County).


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