The Lowdown on Drunk Driving

The low-down on drink driving. 1 in 5 fatal crashes involve drink driving. 43 Queenslanders died due to drink driving in 2014. So why is alcohol so dangerous? Drinking slows your reaction time, blurs your vision and makes it hard to judge things like speed and distance. Pretty scary huh? But how do you know when you’re over the limit? It’s hard because different people process alcohol different. Plus, different glass sizes and different alcohol content make it hard to tell how much you’ve had. When will you be okay to drive? Well, the only thing that breaks down alcohol is time. You can still be over the limit the next morning. That’s why, if you’re driving it’s easier to stick to the soft stuff. But what if you want to have a few drinks? Make a plan. Organis a lift, catch a cab, or public transport. Designate a driver or stay at a mate’s. It’s that easy. Together we can make the roads safer for everyone. Join the drive to save lives. Authorised by the Queensland Government, George St, Brisbane.
Read more: Queensland Government

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