How many drinks can your child handle?

Far too many children worry that their parents will drink too much at Christmas. The campaign “How many glasses can your child withstand?” will put the spotlight on this so that we, the adults, think more about it.
Children who find that their parents drink too much are in every kindergarten and every school and in all walks of life. More than we think. The estimate shows that at least 90 000 children have a parent who has abused alcohol in the past year. Nearly one in ten children.
This movie clip is based on a true story of a 10 year old girl who experiences that her Christmas joy is drowning in her fathers’ alcohol consumption. The girl in the movie, who wishes to remain anonymous, is now 30 years old. She is still secretly counting how many glasses her dad drinks at Christmas – scared to let him know how she’s feeling.
Campaign by AV-OG-TIL (Norway, December 2016)

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