Binge drinking. Your night. Your choice.

Binge Drinking is widely recognised as a major problem among young people in the UK. Excessive alcohol consumption has become commonplace in towns and cities throughout the country, sometimes with tragic consequences.
Binge Drinking: Your Night. Your Choice. features two main characters, Nathan and Sarah Jane. They are typical fun-loving youngsters, preparing for a night out with friends.
Nathan and Sarah Jane head for the same city centre nightspot where they enjoy a sensible drink before bumping into each other, immediately hitting it off. Ultimately, they leave together hand-in-hand. It’s a perfect evening.
But there’s a sinister twist in a contrasting version of events in which Nathan and Sarah Jane indulge in a reckless drinking session with shocking consequences.
The previous radiant Sarah Jane is reduced to an undignified sight, caught up in vicious cat-fight before ending up in the gutter, sobbing in a pool of vomit.
Nathan is last seen staggering off down a dark lane near a river. Viewers are left to draw their own conclusions, which can lead seamlessly into open discussion.
Produced by professional broadcasters in collaboration with Norfolk Constabulary, Binge Drinking: Your Night, Your Choice. is designed to provoke debate and awareness among the target audience of 15-21 years olds and can be used as a part of a lesson plan by youth organisations.

Binge Drinking – Your Night. Your Choice from Norfolk Police on Vimeo.

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