Alcohol.Think Again – Doctor, I See

In January 2011 (new videos from March 2016), Balance launched ‘Drinking causes damage you can’t see’. The campaign aimed to highlight the dangers of drinking above the recommended alcohol limits. It revealed the people most at risk of health problems are not alcoholics or binge drinkers, but those who drink consistently every day over a number of years.
We utilised existing materials produced by the Government to ensure people in the North East were receiving important health messages.
The campaign also highlighted the wide range of conditions linked to drinking at or above these limits on a daily or almost daily basis, which include high blood pressure, stroke and cancer of the mouth, throat and breast.
This was an extremely important campaign as our research revealed that almost one in two men and a third of women in the region are drinking at or above the Government’s recommended limits on a daily or almost daily basis. The limits are 2-3 units a day (about two small glasses of wine) for a woman and 3-4 units (about two pints of regular strength beer or lager) for a man.
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