Not Beersies

The campaign supports the work that has been done to provide people with a language to ease up – Say Yeah, Nah – and to discourage pushing alcohol on others – ‘They’re not saying no to you, they’re saying no to the beersies’.
Water is a healthy alternative to alcohol and can reduce levels of intoxication when used to help pace drinking. When marketed in the light hearted humorous style of the Say, Yeah Nah campaign, it should be seen as a fun and socially acceptable way for people to ease up.
Water is renamed as Not Beersies – ‘beersies’ being a word the target audience is already familiar with. And it’s being reframed as ‘Deliciously chilled ‘Not Beersies’ water, branded, advertised and served as if a real beer but basically consisting of 100% icy fresh H2O.

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