Alcohol behind the wheel can kill

Police are recording a record increase in drink-driving for 2022. The number of fatal road accidents is on the rise. In an effort to prevent tragic events on the roads, the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic is preparing a number of proposals for measures and also a new information campaign “Alcohol behind the wheel can kill”.

The main slogans of the communication campaign are “We all want to return home safe and sound” and “Only drive sober”. The campaign was officially launched with a press conference on 27 October 2022 with the participation of the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic, Roman Mikulc, and the Director of the Traffic Police Department of the PPZ, Tomáš Vrábel.

The campaign will run until the end of 2022 in the form of campaign videos on the Ministry of the Interior’s social networks Facebook and Instagram, leaflets and also through the screening of short striking videos directly in the premises of petrol stations. The Slovak Association of Fuel Industry and Trade (SAPPO) – (ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia s.r.o., SLOVNAFT, a.s., OMV Slovakia, s.r.o., SHELL Slovakia, s.r.o., JURKI – HAYTON s.r.o., BENZINOL Slovakia s.r.o., Solar 2009, a.s., OKTAN, a.s.) – joined the Ministry of the Interior in the communication campaign. By the end of the year, the campaign will also be launched in the purchased online media space.

At the beginning of October, a drunk driver ploughed his car into a bus stop in Bratislava city centre, killing five people. The incident shocked Slovakia and prompted a debate about the role of alcohol in society.

“The consequences of the accident at the Zochova bus stop in Bratislava are traumatic for the whole society and it is unthinkable that it should happen again. That is why we are launching an information campaign to discourage drivers from getting behind the wheel after drinking alcohol. Alcohol gives confidence, but it also slows down sensory and motor reactions and driving under its influence is dangerous, both for the drunk driver and for his surroundings,” emphasises the importance of a responsible approach to the Minister of the Interior of the Slovak Republic Roman Mikulec.

Find more from the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (Slovak Republic, October 2022)

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