Hidden Voices

“Healthwatch Essex launched (1st April 2022) a new campaign encouraging people in Essex to seek support if they are battling with addiction, fronted by people in recovery from drug, alcohol and gambling addiction.

The campaign has been driven by and co-designed by people in Essex who are recovering from addiction and sharing their stories in the hope of inspiring others to seek support.

The campaign will see posters placed across the county in public areas and medical facilities, featuring photographs of the participants illustrating how their lives have changed since they entered recovery, accompanied by an online campaign using various social media. Each of the participants recorded some short clips that were shared via TikTok earlier in the project, proving popular with viewers as they reached a combined audience of more than half a million people and sparked important conversations about addiction support.

Each of the participants told us about the importance of seeking peer-led support, something which, in most cases, wasn’t actively offered or explained to them when they initially asked for help. The campaign will focus on ensuring on highlighting the importance of this, and through Healthwatch Essex, helping people to access the services they may need.”

Find more from Healthwatch Essex (UK, 2022)

'Sophie's Story': Body Image and Disability Hidden Voices

In this episode we talk to Sophie, who is one of our Young Mental Health Ambassadors, about the topic of body image. Sophie shares how her view of her body image is shaped by her chronic illnesses/disabilities. We talk about the impact social media and celebrities have on how we feel about our bodies, as well as the people we surround ourselves with in real life. 
  1. 'Sophie's Story': Body Image and Disability
  2. Festive Special – Looking Back Over Series One
  3. Schizophrenia, Autism & the Power of Lived Experience – Ben's Story
  4. 'Never a Life on Pause': Experiencing Menopause
  5. Henry's Legacy – A Life Well Lived

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