Up To No Good

HOP WTR – the non-alcoholic sparkling hop water crafted with crisp, bold hops and mood-boosting ingredients has launched its first-ever brand campaign, “Up To No Good.” The campaign showcases the positive power of “No” while spotlighting how HOP WTR’s “No’s” (no alcohol, no calories, no carbs, no sugar, no gluten, no GMOs) help consumers live life to the fullest.

Along with the hashtag mantra #GetUpToNoGood, HOP WTR will be rolling out the year-long campaign via a compelling longer form video, social strategies and consumer communications starting today. The overarching narrative features early morning risers, outdoor adventures and emotionally present moments with friends and family –  all while showcasing how HOP WTR can support a variety of key usage occasions.

Like the moving consumer trends toward “sober curiosity” and improved relationships with alcohol, HOP WTR does not see “No” as a knee jerk or binary action. Rather, with their campaign they encourage using “No” as a way to prioritize needs, set healthy boundaries and give yourself space and time.

“The word ‘No’ is typically regarded as restrictive or punitive. In actuality, it’s a quite liberating tool when applied to support and protect our better interests,” notes Lily Badger, Vice President of Marketing for HOP WTR. “Saying ‘No’ is a declaration of self-care. It’s permission to live your life boldly and on your own terms.”

Find more from HOP WTR (USA, March 2022)

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