Zero alcohol during pregnancy

“Each year, tobacco and alcohol are responsible for the deaths of 73,000 and 49,000 people, respectively.
the ARS of Corsica has created an awareness and prevention campaign on addictive behavior in pregnant women.

The risks of alcohol consumption during pregnancy are still largely underestimated. 

According to a study by Public Health France and MILDECA (Source: Study carried out by BVA for Inpes from June 25 to 27, 2015).

  • 27% of French people think that it is advisable to drink a small glass of wine from time to time during pregnancy
  • 25% think that it is advisable to drink a little beer during the breastfeeding period.

The incidence of disorders caused by prenatal alcoholism can reach 1% of births in France, which represents approximately 8,000 births per year.”

Find more from ARS Corsica (Corsica, 2021). The mission of the regional health agency is to implement health policy in Corsica.

The video is in French. Enable subtitles (cc) and then choose auto-translate from Settings.

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