Refuse Résiste

“When the addiction is there, it catches you and does not let go.

Addictive phenomena are a major scourge in Reunionese society, especially among young people, who are particularly vulnerable and easily influenced. If the commitment of the players in the fight against addiction is remarkable, it must be recognized that the situation is alarming. Reunionese youth seem more threatened than ever, with all the multiple consequences that the addiction phenomenon can have: dropping out of school, violence, marginalization, disease, etc.”

Find more from (Réunion, 2020)

“It is a fight symbolized by a chase between a young person and a monster representing his addiction.

The young man struggles to escape his demons.

As the monster seems to gain the upper hand, he manages to find deep within himself the strength to resist and say “no”.

The film uses young and modern codes such as parkour, an acrobatic sporting discipline that consists of overcoming urban obstacles, as well as codes of cinema or Japanese animation.”

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