The Inroads Program

“New program reduces anxiety and problem drinking by reaching youth via digital media – where they spend much of their time.

How do you help young people living with anxiety, impacted by the pandemic, and at risk of drinking alcohol excessively to cope with the uncertainty, stress and anxiety? Research led by the University of Sydney has found that a free online program is helping, and are using social media to get to youth on their medium of choice.

Led by the University of Sydney’s Matilda Centre, researchers developed the Inroads program for young adults with concerns about anxiety and drinking. Now with new funding support from the Australian Department of Health, the online program is freely available to help youth cope with the challenges of ongoing pandemic. Trial results just released show that the program is associated with significant improvements in anxiety symptoms and reductions in harmful alcohol use.”

Find more about Inroads (Australia, August 2021) and visit Inroads HERE

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