Pilke groups in Finland

“Pilke’s activities are aimed at older people who are using or have used drugs or alcohol. Participants in the activities meet weekly in Pilke groups to organize a pre-planned program. The Blue Ribbon Association is constantly developing Pilke’s activities and strives to spread the activities to new locations by organizing, for example, instructor training.

Pilke groups operate on the principle of a low threshold, ie they can be entered as is without the requirement of drug-free or sobriety. This means that you can also come into the group while intoxicated. The low threshold is also implemented in such a way that Pilke activities are free of charge.”

Find more about Pilke work (Finland 2021) 

The video is in Finnish  but you can select your own translation by enabling subtitles (CC) and then from settings through auto-translate your preferrable language.

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