Spela Roll – It Matters

“Attention Week “Spela Roll!” falls on the Valentine’s Day´s week (February 8-14, 2021). At that time many countries pay attention to all the children who grow up in families where an adult drinks too much.

For example, in the USA and the UK, Children of Alcoholics Week  has been held this week for several years. In Sweden, the attention week was held for the first time in 2011.

Spela Roll! draws attention to all children’s right to an upbringing free from adult alcohol consumption’s harmful effects. This focuses on the Children’s Rights Act – the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. A law that, among other things, states that all children have the right to participate and the right to form an opinion and express it in matters that concern them.

When children have contact with authorities, they have the right to have a support person with them, to increase the possibility of participation. A support person can, for example, be a parent, a friend or a professional that the child trusts. Several organizations work professionally with so-called “child representatives”, and we will highlight these during the attention week 2021. Children’s representatives can be important for children who grow up with parents who drink too much alcohol!”

Find more about Spela Roll (Sweden, February 2021)

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