“Swedish beverage company Gnista Spirits is offering a fully-paid trip to party in Sweden, so long as you manage to stay sober.

Do you like to drop it like it’s hot? Uptown funk it up? Get it on till the early morn? Well, the answer might be yes, but would you still be up to party all night if you were sober? If your answer is still yes, then this “job” could be right up your alley. Gnista Spirits, the people behind “the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit that truly resembles a fine spirit.” is looking for a professional partier to dance the night away – and get paid for it – as long as they stay sober all through the night.”

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Gnista people saying themselves: “We are truly serious about our vision to make it easier to choose non-alcoholic, through offering outstanding products that imitate the experience you normally get from drinking alcohol. This is where you come in.

Gnista Spirits was launched in Europe 2019. We have the firm belief that if a non-alcoholic spirit imitates alcohol well enough, it will do the job, making spirits as we know them more or less obsolete.”

EMPLOYER: GNISTA SPIRITS | PLACE: Stockholm, Sweden | POSITION: Professional Party Animal | SALARY: Fixed | APPLY BEFORE: 29 Feb 2020 | NUMBER OF POSITIONS: 2

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