Attitudes to addiction in 2019

“At Port of Call, we spend our days supporting people who are affected by addiction and are seeking help and treatment.

We hear many worries as well as a mix of misconceptions, shame and secrecy around addiction and rehab, all of which stands in the way of people seeking support.

In a bid to open up a public conversation about how better we can support people in our society who are facing problems with alcohol and drugs, we carried out a survey to uncover public perceptions around addiction in 2019.

While some results make for uncomfortable reading, by shining a light on what people believe to be true about addiction – and highlighting the realities – we hope to further demonstrate to those in need of help that they are not alone.”

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2 thoughts on “Attitudes to addiction in 2019

  1. Yes there are lots of prejudices surrounding the confession of being an addict. But this is pure hypocrisy. Now is a world full of people suffering with these or similar problems and thus this cover should go off. One shouldn’t feel publicly sidelined if he or she confesses of being an addict. Yes rehab was a shame word, getting better with time but still there is long way to go when rehab can be looked as a normal thing like going for an operation to get rid of a tumor!

    This is need of the hour.


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