“Start the new year and get new energy. Get rid of alcohol for a month: Break the habit, feel a difference in the energy curve, the weight and, not least, the wallet. WHITE JANUARY is about strengthening your health.”

Find more from HVID JANUAR (Denmark, January 2019)

Campaign by the Danish Health Authority

“More than every fourth Dane thinks that an alcohol-free January is a good idea. This shows a megaphone survey of the National Board of Health’s campaign White January.

The idea of ​​White January is to stay away from alcohol for a long time. So no wine, no beer and no drinks for a month. Many Danes already screw down the unhealthy habits and health in January on top of Christmas.

“A longer break from alcohol in January can be a great opportunity to break the habit and consider its alcohol habits. For many, it has become a habit to get a glass of wine or a beer, and it can be difficult to change your lifestyle unless you make a decision and act. Therefore, White January is a good opportunity for those who want to drink less – and live healthier. And it seems that many think this is a good idea, ”says chief consultant Stine Flod Storgaard from the National Board of Health.

White January fits well with the developments that have been in recent years in the Danes’ alcohol consumption. The latest figures from the Health Profile 2017 show, among other things that an increasing proportion complies with the National Board of Health’s recommendations and stay below 7 items per week for women and 14 objects per week for men. The share that exceeds the limit has fallen from 24.3 per cent in 2010 to 17.6 in 2017, corresponding to a decrease of about 25 per cent.”

One thought on “WHITE JANUARY

  1. It’s a perfect way to start the year, and who knows how many will feel refreshed and continue into February. I gave up at Christmas 12 years ago and never looked back. 👍


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