#Plan a Safe Ride

Planning is a part of everyday life, especially during the holiday season. When celebrating, it’s common to plan what to wear, where to eat, and who to see. Now, a new public safety campaign by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission encourages Texans to also plan a safe ride home when celebrating the holiday season.

The new #Plan a Safe Ride campaign debuted Dec. 11 with a 30-second public service announcement video featuring TABC Chairman Kevin Lilly, along with cooperative messaging from several partner organizations stressing the importance of finding a sober ride home when celebrating with alcohol. TABC timed the campaign to coincide with one of the most high-profile celebrations of the year: New Year’s Eve.

“New Year’s Eve is a time when people reflect on the past and plan for a brighter future,” said Lilly. “If their plans include celebrating with family and friends, we want to ensure they have planned ways to safely get home.”

The campaign encourages revelers to leave their cars at home when celebrating New Year’s with alcohol, and instead rely on designated drivers, public transportation, cabs, and ride-sharing in order to stay safe on the roadways. An accompanying social media campaign will give tips and ideas on ways to ensure a safe ride when spending a night out on the town.

“In Texas, we have celebrations all year long,” Lilly said. “Though this message is geared toward New Year’s, planning ahead, avoiding DWIs, and staying safe never goes out of season.”

The PSA can be viewed on TABC’s YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/TABCChannel. For more information, or to request free educational materials visit http://www.2young2drink.com/.

Find more from TABC (USA, December 2018)

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