Full apologies

Teens are fully aware of the potential consequences of drinking and driving. The problem is they just aren’t afraid of dying.
After talking to over 500 teens we uncovered an insight that would power this groundbreaking campaign. No one wanted to be responsible for the death of friend. They could not fathom facing family, friends, and peers after killing someone in a fatal accident, or living the rest of their lives with the guilt and shame.
Fullapologies.com featured simple video monologues of five teens apologizing to the father, the mother, or the friend of the person they killed. By giving teens a glimpse into these broken lives, the work compels teens to think – not about their own mortality, but about the horrible shame that comes with surviving.
More info: http://cargocollective.com/chrisreif/Full-Apologies
and https://johngavingilbert.carbonmade.com/projects/3090580

Ashley- Full Apologies from Isen (610) 812 4900 on Vimeo.

1.Tyler – Full Apologies from Isen (610) 812 4900 on Vimeo.

Full Apologies Case Study

Full Apologies Case Study from Matt Campbell on Vimeo.

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