Alcohol ≠ Fun

“The Ombudsman’s Office of the Province of Buenos Aires launched the campaign “Alcohol ≠ Fun” for the second consecutive year. This is a work carried out by the Observatory of Addictions and Problematic Consumption that seeks to discourage and prevent alcohol consumption among young people.

The initiative was devised a year ago by the Deputy Ombudsman of Buenos Aires, Walter Martello, and is aimed at generating preventive measures in view of the approaching celebration of Student’s Day to be held on Wednesday 21 September throughout the country. On that day, young people usually celebrate with outdoor activities.

“The campaign arose from the results of various surveys conducted by the Observatory in the last five years,” say the Ombudsman’s Office. The 2021 study included 1000 interviews with young people between 12 and 18 years old and showed that, when asked the question “What do you look for when you drink alcohol? one of the most popular answers was “To have fun / To be uninhibited, not to be ashamed”.

Also, 1 in 4 of those surveyed (27.1%) admitted to having travelled in a car driven by someone who had consumed alcohol or drugs. “These results clearly show us that there is a lot of work ahead in terms of awareness raising. We seek to go against the culture of the ‘Taste of the Encounter’ that is so deeply rooted in advertising strategies and to show that young people can have a good time without the need to consume alcohol”, explained Juan Gossen, researcher at the Observatory of Addictions and Problematic Consumption.”

Find more from Defensoría de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (Argentina, September 2022)

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