FASD The Hidden Disability – Documentary

“Up to 17 per cent of children could have symptoms consistent with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) according to new research in Preventative Medicine by the University of Bristol

The UK has the fourth highest level of prenatal alcohol use in the world, but no estimates existed from a population-based

Considered to be a relatively ‘hidden disability’ It is thought to be under-diagnosed with only one specialist clinic in England.

So What is FASD ? Why do we know so little about it ? Is it preventable ?

These questions and more are answered in this new film ‘FASD The Hidden Disability‘ Streaming from the 9th September.”

Find more and watch the movie from VIAM TV (UK, September 2021)

4 thoughts on “FASD The Hidden Disability – Documentary

  1. Just one specialist clinic. That is both shocking and truly sad. 😔 So many kids could use the early intervention and lifelong supports. I can’t even imagine how the lack of resources impact caregivers and more importantly, the kids.

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